I Will Never Forget

I will never forget that moment when suddenly you were my best friend. After we had collapsed in cheesy pop music and lay our sleeping  bags across the floor, I told you that you were my best friend, and I smiled inside my warm blankets because you said that I was yours.

I will never forget sitting with you by the flower beds at school, our brains like iPods bringing radio stations through our mouths, and the feeling of our tennis shoes pressed against the damp, warped wood.

I will never forget that day we sat on the bus, singing that song we always used to sing, you bursting with warm melodies, me weaving in clear harmonies, and your hands slapping your knees to make the beat. We sang it thinking about the next year, our first time going to different schools, and then you turned to me and said quietly that you would miss me, and I said I would miss you too. I remember turning away because I didn’t want to cry.

I will never forget last year, when you were there for me when my grades were sinking. You were my only friend in a sea of people.

I will never forget crying with you and laughing with you over so many years.

You bring me life.



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