And This is My Life

Welcome folks to a tour of everything.

To your left you see the seasons changing and to your right the planets moving.

And here, in a tiny corner of everything, is my life.

It’s so minuscule you might miss it. Put it under a microscope and you can watch it change and change and change.

Years ago it was the safety of my home, my family.

These days it’s the ever moving tides of school and friends and my sexuality.

For God’s sake, can’t everything sit still long enough for me to keep track?

I don’t remember everything that blurs by anymore.

My parents tell me that it will all slow down when I’m older, but they’re struggling to get through their whirlwinds too.

When I’m older, it’s college, and then work, and then a family whipping through the wind around me.

And I know, as always, it could be worse.

I’m not starving, or dying, or suffering from an illness.

But I’ll never be forever relaxing, reclining in the honey like sweetness of it all.

So I’ll do the only thing there is to do.

Enjoy the little moments.

Through the stress of it all, the sun keeps shining (to your right), the grass keeps growing (to your left).

And here is my life.



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